Case Studies


Tree Fell On Atlanta Home – Roof Replacement & Deck Restoration in Atlanta, GA

The customers in Atlanta are trying to sell their home. Customers roof was very old, leaking, and was very wavy. A building inspector recommended that we remove the entire roof or stabilize. Since they were paying out of pocket we thought maybe we would just stabilize. Then a bad storm came through Atlanta and a tree fell on the roof and deck. The deck was a huge selling point for the home and this really pushed back the project. We had to wait for insurance to generate an estimate and once they did we went to work quickly. We also had to get the home looking great so customer would get best sales price with no problems from inspections.

Roof replacement and hardwood floors

Johns Creek Roof Replacement and Hardwoods

They asked us to come out and inspect their roof becuase they had some serious leaks. We also noticed that they had hardwood floor damage due to the leak. We got on the roof and found significant damage from storms.

Front elevation

Johns Creek Roof Replacement and Exterior Paint

This resident of Johns Creek asked us to look at his roof. We found storm damage all over the roof plus the previously installed shingles were discontinued. He also needed to paint the home. We advised him to let us invite the insurance company out. We filed the claim and we met an adjuster at the property. He agreed that the damage was substantial and the roof need to be replaced.

Front during replacement

Alpharetta, GA Roof Replacement

We came together and the owners expressed their desire to sell their house but they thought they had storm damage on the roof. They didn’t think they were going to be able to sell the home without having to give a huge discount.

Back of the home

Leaking Mansard Roof Replacement in Dunwoody

We received a call from the owners of this gorgeous home in Dunwoody, concerning a significant amount of water making its way indoors. This job was particularly tricky because the home had a mansard roof, exemplified by its flat top and four sloping sides around the house. The flat portion of mansard roofs often cause a problem when, after a bit of heavy rains, the water is unable to slide off the roof as it would normally do with the typical sloped structure. Instead the mansard roofs experience a pooling effect, allowing the water to sit stagnant on the roof’s surface, potentially damaged the shingles and rotting the wood decking below.