Hail - Wind - Trees - Water

Storm Damage

Atlanta is prone to storms and homes in the Atlanta area take a beating year after year. Wind damage, hail damage and even the Georgia sun all beat down on your home’s roof causing damage and wear.

The local team at Bonner Built understands the effects of Atlanta storms on its homes and know both what to look for but also how to work with the insurance company to restore your home to pre-storm appearance.   


Hail Damage

Hail can cause extensive damage to a home and especially the roof and gutters.  Hail impacts are not often easily seen from the street and require professionals to walk your roof to look for damage.

If you believe you house has been exposed to hail damage, we are more than happy to take a look ourselves using our aerial drone or perform a closer inspection while walking the roof to look for evidence of hail damage needed for insurance claims.

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Wind Damage

Straight line winds can quickly expose weaknesses in an aging roof.  Once the wind gets under the shingles, brittle shingles can often lift away from the decking and break apart from the roof entirely.  Once this occurs, tarping must be applied to minimize water damage that may occur.

Homeowners often turn to the Bonner Built team to inspect the health of a roof and its shingles to determine if they can withstand the high winds often produced by Atlanta storms.  If your roof is older, or if you have experienced wind damage, we would be happy to come take a look and offer our professional recommendations.


When you choose to work with us for your hail damage repairs or storm damage needs, Bonner Built will offer a variety of services, including:

Bonner Built - More Than A Roofer

Bonner Built does more than just install roofs for North Atlanta.  While roofing is a critical aspect of your home’s safety and keeps your family secure during a storm, it also should be considered as a key component toward your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. 

Bonner Built designers will work with you to make sure that the roof is both sound and pleasing from the street while also considering how it blends with both the exterior paint and the gutters.  Having all three work together can maximize a home’s value by increasing its curb appeal.


Tree Damage

Trees in Atlanta are especially susceptable to the high winds that Atlanta storms often possess.  If your house is one of those that is in the drop area of a fallen tree, the damage is often extensive. The roof, decking, gutters, eaves and even the joists themselves should be inspected for damage and possible replacement. 

Bonner Built knows the damage a tree can do to a house and understand where to look. Our singular goal is to restore the home as quickly and painlessly as possible for the homeowner. Once mobilized, the Bonner Built team will immediately begin to minimize additional damage while notifying and working with the insurance company to mitiagate additional headaches and unnecessary stress.

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Gutter Damage

Gutters provide a critical function for your home but also can enhance its beauty.  Once damaged, ensuring the seams properly blend together in order that leaks do not occur is essential for making sure additional water damage does not result.

Bonner Built understands the importance of a sound gutter system to properly divert water away from your home while recognizing that the appearance of the gutters themselves can significantly add to a home’s aesthetic appearance.  Let our team guide you in the event your gutter system is ever compromised.

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