Signs of Roof Damage

Signs of Roof Damage in Kennesaw and Smyrna

Spot problems quickly before more damage is done

Do you have a roofing problem? Sometimes roofing problems are obvious, but other times a closer look is required to identify an issue that deserves attention. Some problems are easy to detect, while others require an expert eye. The good news is that all the problems explained below can be detected and corrected when you work with an experienced, full-service roofing contractor like Bonner Built.

No matter how big or small your roofing damage, we have the solutions and expertise to be able to fix the issue quickly and effectively. We provide reliable roofing repair services for any of the common roofing problems that might be affecting the integrity of your roof.

Whether you have a leaky roof, damaged shingles, or major structural damage, contact the experts at Bonner Built to schedule a free roof inspection and estimate in Marietta, Kennesaw, Smyrna or nearby.

Interior Ceiling Spots

  • Caused by leaks in the roof
  • Check attic for leaks in decking
  • Check rafters for water spots or leaks

Damaged Chimney Flashing

  • Improper installation
  • Drying and cracking
  • Settling of the structure

Missing Shingles

  • Improper fastening
  • Exposure to high winds

Buckling of Shingles

  • Wrinkled underlayment
  • Roof deck movement
  • Poor roof ventilation
  • New shingles installed over old shingles

Curling of Shingles

  • High nails or lack of back coating
  • Under-saturation of asphalt felt in organic shingles
  • Lack of ventilation or improper number of fasteners

Hail Damage

  • An impacted area that loses granules
  • Soft like a bruise on an apple
  • Causes leaks after a year or more
  • Shortens the life of a shingle


  • Caused by the growth of the airborne algae which deposits on your roof
  • Algae-resistant shingles are available

Missing Granules or Rotting

  • Moisture absorbed by the core of the shingle
  • Common in organic shingles
  • Small amounts of loose granules on a new roof is normal
Hail Damage to Shingles
Hail Damage to Shingles
Wind Damage to Shingles
Wind Damage to Shingles
Blistering Shingles
Blistering Shingles
Brittle Shingles
Brittle Shingles

We are Greater Marietta's experts for quality roof services

After inspecting your roof, our certified professionals will know exactly what needs to be done to repair your roof. Some damage will only need minor repairs, while other roofing damage will require a complete roof replacement. We will help you choose the right solution to ensure the you get the most out of your investment.

We are dedicated to providing quality services and products at affordable prices. We also provide emergency services when you need them. For a free estimate for roof repair, replacement, or any of our other roofing services, available in Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Cumming, Roswell, Atlanta, Suwanee, Mableton and many parts of Georgia, give us a call or send us an e-mail.